Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate for Windows

Madame Fate for Windows: Mystery Case Files

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Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate continues the achievements of investigator Sherlock Holmes and his companion Watson, as they investigate the suicide of another magic in London. This effort, nevertheless, they’re not alone in their fight against the ghost of Dr. Arthur Holmwood. They uncover a scheme that could upend British society’s very basis! And with Lila’s assistance, solve more riddles in London. How’s the shovel on the story behind this sport.

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his companion Watson are continued in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate as they look into the passing of another sorcerer in London. This day, though, they aren’t left in their battle against the devil of Dr. Arthur Holmwood. They today discover a scheme that was upend the very underpinnings of contemporary population! And, with the assistance of new girlfriend Lila, resolve more puzzles throughout London.

A comprehensive selection of hidden element games, radio novels, and visual novels are available in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate, the critically acclaimed mystery case file series. These are ideal colleagues for adventure game lovers who prefer to solve riddles and obstacles to unravel mysteries rather than merely looking for products to learn more about the plot. Like the train station where Sherlock Holmes really solves a death and the horticultural backyard where Lila works, the game is rife with great characters and settings. Exciting mystery way files, recording logs, and photos are included in every episode of the game to add to your adventure.




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