Photo Booth for Windows 7

Photo Booth for Windows 7


The Photo Booth software that is included with Mac Os X is a copy of the photo hall program for Windows 7. With the help of this photo-taking app, you can take images and add results like Thermal Camera, Mirror, X-ray, Light Tunnel, Kaleidoscope, Squeeze, Twirl, and Stretch.

Photo Booth For Windows 7 is a foldable request developed to provide Windows 7 buyers with a similar adventure to Mac’s Photo Booth in that you can quickly get slides and create results to them. This application also provides other effects and some very basic discussing options to submit pictures to social media.

As this is a 3rd party developed request and has no involvement with either Apple or Microsoft, however the standard is fairly lower. On the finished side there are a few additional implications such as extended reflections that are not around in the Apple Photo Booth application.


Main options include:

  1. For your webcam, there are more than 12 distinctive influences.
  2. No installing required.
  3. Works with all cams.
  4. allows you to tweet and present photos on Facebook.

Once good thing about Photo Booth for Windows 7 is that it doesn’t need installing and is simple to set up. The only prerequisites are a video and Adobe flash player. Even though Photo Booth for Windows 7 lacks some of the primary Apple software’s features, it is still a decent free application.



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