Sophia Script Wrapper for Windows

Sophia Script Wrapper for Windows

Free Gui for the Sophia Script

A free graphical user interface( Gui ) has been added to Sophia Script by the Windows version of the program. Sophia Script itself is a Windows debloater containing 150 lines of Powershell codification, one for each tweaking mode.

Although having more precise management over Windows properly make advantageous for programmers and developers, the general person will find it difficult to change all those lines of code. With this wrap, you can quickly compel and invalid a variety of Windows features. Check out Privacy Eraser Free and Ashampoo Privacy Protector if you’re looking for a straightforward way to change privateness surroundings.

Is Sophia Script Wrapper complimentary?

Yes, it’s totally independent. You can, however, earn a voluntary transaction if you want to support the developer’s ongoing efforts.


How do i install Sophia Script Wrapper?

You may download Sofia Script Wrapper from any dependable source. The program file is moveable, so when the update is finished, you can save it anywhere you like. You can save it to your Windows apparatus or to a detachable drive.

Sophia Script Wrapper: Is it Secure?

Windows will issue a stability alert when you first run Sophia Script Wrapper by opening its Exe folder. This is regular because Windows recognises that you’re trying to run Powershell docs, which it thinks aren’t stable.

As long as you’ve downloaded it from our recommended websites, feel free to click on’ Run anyway’ so the application opens.

How do i destroy Sophia Script Wrapper?

Navigate to where the pamphlet is saved, either by using Windows search to find it or by manually going through File Explorer. Again, remove the entire files. To irrevocably replace Sophia Script from your gadget, void your Recycle Bin.

Easy to use

The Sophia Script Wrapper Gui is incredibly helpful. It lets any individual manage 150 Windows functions efficiently, without the need for good professional knowledge. With the option to spare your configurations, and to erase your change just as quickly, this wrap is particularly easy to suggest.



Windows version of Sophia Script Wrapper 5.18.
  1. Windows 8,
  2. Windows 8. 1,
  3. Windows 7,
  4. Skylights 10
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