Spotflux for Windows

Spotflux for Windows


Spotflux is a great way to protect and enhance your internet service as it performs millions of fog – based authentic – occasion computations and encrypts and compresses your cyberspace traffic.

Spotflux differentiates from many applications, which allow you to search content that is not available to you locally, by its resilient and tight privacy features. Spotflux runs discreetly in the background of your program. Once you set it running you may forget about it. The application is perfect for browsing the cyberspace whilst connected to public Wifi network or even if you just want to code and secure your dwelling connection.

The following are important aspects:

  1. simple to use and implement.
  2. a confidential, safe, and encrypted relation.
  3. Stable web browsing security.
  4. Locale selecting.
  5. Open and unlimited exposure.


One of the helpful features of Spotflux is the ability to prevent promotions program – narrow. This in turn will mean that you will neither tracked online and it could save on speed.

Nevertheless, Spotflux is a small, user-friendly use that will protect, safe, and guarantee the privacy of your browsing habits. Like comparable clients like Hotspot Shield, Spotflux provides parasite and malware shelter. Spotflux, which is ideal for users who pay for a procurator system, will allow you to manually input your proxy server if you also need one. Alas, the use does not have an built-in placeholder.

Looking for the Mac version of Spotflux? Access this



Spotflux 3.2.0 for Panels
Document size:
521.80 kilobyte
  1. Windows 8,
  2. Windows Xp,
  3. Windows 7,
  4. Windows Vista
Applicable dialects:
  1. English,
  2. Russian
Latest update:
Tuesday, July 20th 2023
Spotflux, Inc.

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