Windows Defender

Windows Defender


Windows Defender is an software which helps secure your pc against music – ups, slowly efficiency and stability vulnerabilities that are caused by spyware and many trojan, by detecting and removing these challenges from your computer.

Windows Defender features Real – Time Protection, a surveillance product that recommends things against spyware when it’s detected. It helps you stay effective and reduces pauses.

The following are some Windows Defender variable advantages:


  1. Spyware detection and removal.
  2. Improved Computer browsing health.
  3. defense against the most recent hazards

Windows Defender is enhanced by Spynet, a neighborhood that brings Windows Defender buyers mutually to identify and communicate information about malware. This community alerts the Spynet servers to any possible threats that the Windows Defender real-time system agents have detected. These servers then catalog and update the system to help safeguard you against fresh spyware threats.



1.375.1144.0 for Windows Defender
  1. Xp Windows,
  2. Windows 8.1,
  3. , Windows Vista
  4. Windows 8,
  5. Windows 7,
  6. Windows 10.
  7. Windows 11,
Attainable language:
  1. English,
  2. Arabic,
  3. Czech,
  4. Danish,
  5. German,
  6. Greek,
  7. Spanish,
  8. Finnish,
  9. French,
  10. Italian,
  11. Japanese,
  12. Korean,
  13. Dutch,
  14. Norwegian,
  15. Polish,
  16. Portuguese,
  17. Russian,
  18. Swedish,
  19. Turkish,
  20. Chinese
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